LinkRbrain was developed by Salma Mesmoudi, Research Engineer University Paris 1.

The software package LinkRbrain is a collaborative platform for scientists who are not necessarily experts in brain imaging, to perform automated large quantities of items on the cerebral bases of the meta-analyzes memory and Cognition and jointly develop interdisciplinary projects using these results.
LinkRbrain allows researchers :

  1. Perform automated all relevant scientific articles ( 5000 articles ) from families of functions selected meta-analyzes, and automatically extract all items activation array ( Talairach and MNI coordinates) ;
  2. Visualize the results of automated form of maps meta-analyzes of comparative activation showing networks activated in the human brain for different functions underlying the Memory and Cognition , The human brain in 3D can be rotated, zoomed etc. . To better see all activations rebuilt. Maps interactive 2D activations are proposed to compare specialized networks with greater precision;
  3. Generate graphs of interaction between selected features and all other closest functions in the human brain. These graphs are particularly interesting for transdisciplinary collaborations they do not require any prior knowledge on brain autonomy;
  4. Generate list form the quantized values ​​of all interactions between the reference functions (autobiographical memory) and all nearest office;
  5. Make its results available to researchers;
  6. Integrate libraries results from databases, especially Open Data, or own experiences to the researcher;

The software platform includes four interactive modules that are operating as a collaborative platform for automated meta-analysis on Brain, Memory and Cognition, currently spread over thousands of scientific articles.

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